My First Hunting Adventure

I went hunting for the first time, and it was a blast!

It was great. I got to go out into the woods, see some animals, shoot at them, and then come back home after getting a big deer in my sights.

It all started when one day I got a call from my friend, Gordon. He said he planned to go hunting in a few days and invited me to come along with him. I had never been hunting before, but I’ve heard about it from TV and video games, so I figured why not?

That Saturday, we met up in front of his house at 7:30 AM because it was about an hour’s drive to the nearest hunting area. He had a big duffel bag with him, and I figured it contained his hunting gears like a portable stand for positioning himself to get the best hunting view and aim correctly.

We arrived at the hunting grounds an hour later, and we were ready to go. Even though we had planned on going for about three hours, Gordon said he wanted to be back home by 2:30 PM so he could watch football.

After about an hour of waiting, there wasn’t any sign of life. We went back to the truck and grabbed our radios to separate for a while longer since it was getting too quiet.

About 20 minutes after I split up with Gordon, I saw movement on my right side in some bushes. At first, I thought it was just a squirrel, but then I looked at the large size of the ‘squirrel’ and figured out that this must be my first deer sighting!

I slowly crept towards the bush, trying not to make any noise or sudden movements that might scare away the deer.

As soon as I got close enough, I aimed for my prey and fired off two shots!

Luckily they were both direct hits, and I ran over to examine my prey.

It was a great buck! I estimated it would be worth about $500 in the market.

After dragging the deer back to the truck, we drove off and headed for Gordon’s house.

We were halfway there when we spotted some movement on my right side through the bushes again. As I looked at this bush, I thought that ‘That can’t be another deer!’ because it was too small. But since we had already come this far, Gordon didn’t mind going after something smaller, so he allowed me to take two more shots on this target of opportunity.

I took aim and fired off my first shot but missed considerable time! The bullet went past it and hit a tree branch which made a loud cracking sound.

That deer must have heard it because it ran away as fast as its legs could carry it.

After about 30 seconds of trying to calm me down, I took my second shot and connected with the target!

Gordon’s dog hopped out of the truck and went running towards where my second shot hit.

I slowly walked over there to see if it was a doe or another buck like my first one. As I got closer, I noticed that this one was too small for another buck like the first one, which made me think this would be a great hunting experience!

As long as you keep your mind open to new possibilities, you should find something positive from it no matter what situation you find yourself in.

I knew that I wasn’t going to be back in time for Gordon’s football game, but since I had a blast out in the woods, it didn’t matter so much anymore!

Now let’s get some pizza!

See you next time!

  • Tams

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